After the semi-final games were drawn at the end of September, the times of the games have now been defined. The game schedule of the IFF Champions Cup 2021 at Winterthur is as follows:

Saturday 9th January 2021

10:30Pixbo Wallenstam-PSSSemifinal 1 Women
13:30Piranha Chur-VitkoviceSemifinal 2 Women
16:30IBF Falun-SV Wiler-ErsigenSemifinal 2 Men
19:30Classic-Florbal MBSemifinal 1 Men

Sunday 10th January 2021

10:00Loser Semifinal Women -Loser Semifinal WomenWomen 3rd place
13:00Loser Semifinal Men-Loser Semifinal MenMen 3rd place
16:00Winner Semifinal Women-Winner Semifinal WomenWomen Final
19:00Winner Semifinal Men-Winner Semifinal MenMen Final

Please note: Changes may occur due to TV.

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