Pixbo Wallenstam IBK’s women have accepted the invitation to participate in the Champions Cup 2021. This is because the Swedish team, IKSU, has announced that they cannot participate in the event.

When the season ended in the middle of March, IKSU was leading the table of the Swedish Super League and was awarded the gold medal. The team then secured a spot in the next Champions Cup.

Now IKSU has informed the Swedish Floorball Federation that they cannot take part in the event. After this, the runner-up from last season, Pixbo Wallenstam IBK, was asked to participate and they agreed to take IKSU’s place in the tournament.

Pixbo Wallenstam has won the Champions Cup in 2016 in Borås, Sweden. The team is full of well-known international players and the audience in Winterthur is surely excited to see the SSL’s Goalkeeper of the year, Lara Heini playing.

On the men’s side, Sweden is represented by IBF Falun.

CC 2021 Winterthur Champions Cup Lara Heini Pixbo Wallenstam IBK
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