We are ready with the first Southern Conference quarter-finals. We also know the first team to qualify for the semi-finals: it is SV Wiler-Ersigen who took the needed overtime win against FbŠ Bohemians.


Men’s Champions Cup results

FbŠ Bohemians v SV Wiler-Ersigen 5-4

FbŠ Bohemians and SV Wiler-Ersigen started the Southern Division quarter-finals on a Wednesday evening at UNYP Arena in Prague. This was also the first appearance in the Champions Cup for the Czech team. The hosts started strong as their newest transfer for the season, Slovak national team player Tomas Kvasnica scored the first goal fo the game. By the end of the first period it was 3-1 for the Bohemians but the Swiss champions got back to the game in the second period. Jakub Bursik had scored the 4-2 goal for Bohemians but Simon Laubscher and Gianluca Persici scored one each for Wiler making it 4-4. It was clear that the next goal would be important for both teams and in the 56th minute Bohemians got it. Matyáš Krebner succeeded to put the ball into the net after quite a mess in front of the Swiss goal and the debutants won the first game 5-4!

The teams did not have to wait for their second match as it was played already on the following Saturday at Mobiliar Arena in Bern. Similar to the first meeting, also the second match proved to be an even one. It was 1-1 after the first 20 minutes as Yannis Wyss took Wiler in the lead and Tomas Trnka equalised for Bohemians. Marco Louis took the hosts again in the lead but Karel Petrak equalised on power play. Jan Dobisik then took Bohemians to the lead for the first time in this game but it was Michal Dudovic who evened the match in the third period. Wiler-Ersigen needed to win the match in regular time in order for the game to go on overtime. And that is exactly what they did. Max Wahlgren scored for Wiler when they were playing without the goalkeeper and indeed, this game had to be decided in overtime and possible penalty shots. Wiler’s Marco Louis kept the ball for quite some in the Bohemians corner and could pass it from behind the net to Dudovic who had an easy task to score and take his team to the semi-finals.

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Photo by Fabian Trees

Floorball Köniz Bern v Tatran Střešovice

861 spectators followed the first match between these teams at Mobiliar Arena in Bern on Saturday. Jan Zaugg started the scoring for the hosts Floorball Köniz Bern who added “Bern” into their name before the start of this new season. Martin Sindelar equalised during the last seconds of the first period, also on power play. Sindelar continued scoring in the second period but Tatran Střešovice could not keep their lead for too long as David Hermle, the U19 WFC 2023 All-Star forward evened the game. We only saw more goals during the last two minutes of the third period. First Jonas Kreysa made it 3-2 for Tatran and while Köniz could not make their game work with six players, Sindelar finished his hat-trick and Kreysa scored one more into an empty net. Final score 5-2 for the Czech Champions.

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Women’s Champions Cup results

Photo by Michael Peter

Zug United v 1. SC Tempish Vítkovice

Zug United had started their season successfully by winning the Swiss Supercup for the first time and it remained to be seen if this success would help them in the Champions Cup. Vítkovice’s Eliska Plankova started the scoring and that was the only goal in the first period. Corin Rüttimann evened the game in the second period and Isabelle Gerig tok Zug United to a 2-1 lead. Vítkovice’s Michaela Kubečková got a chance to equalise with a penalty shot but Micheline Müller made an important save. Gerig scored one more in the last period and Ivana Hardi made it 4-1 after an empty net goal.

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Photo by Štěpánka Czyžová

FBC Ostrava v Kloten-Dietlikon Jets

FBC Ostrava and Kloten-Dietlikon Jets met earlier this year in 2023 Champions Cup and then Ostrava won 4-2. Jets captain Andrea Gämperli started the scoring in this game and Chiara Bertini made it 2-0 for the Swiss team. FBC Ostrava got on power play in the end of the second period and Paulina Hudakova scored the first for the hosts. Malwina Zagorska equalised in the second period. Denisa Kotzurová scored the winning goal in the 38th minute and we saw no more goals in the last period.

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