Tatran Stresovice managed to claim the title to be the best Men’s Club Floorball team in the world after winning the 2024 Men’s Champions Cup, beating IBF Falun in the final 6-4, at the UNYP Arena in Prague, Czech Republic.

It was the home team from Tatran Stresovice which had the better start – Matej Havlas scored a beautiful first goal of this intense final. But the defending champion Falun had their answer ready and started to score after twelve minutes. It was the scoring machine  Alexander Galante Carlström who score the 2-1 leading goal for Falun – in powerplay and just bit more than one minute before the first intermission.

The tension was rising in the second period and plenty of tough infights for ball and space between both teams. The scoring sheet didn’t see as many entries as the penalty sheet in this second period. Nevertheless, it was Tatran Stresovice who was able to score one goal – to the enjoyment of the home crowd. Both teams went with the two-all-draw into the second intermission.

The first nine minutes in the third period were quiet comparing to the remaining eleven minutes. It was team Tatran Stresovice who started to create chance after chance. It was Ondrej Sadlo who opened the scoring which brought a one goal lead to Tatran. Only three minutes later Tatran was already leading by three goals. The answer from Falun was fierce and furious: goalkeeper out, sixth player on and 35 seconds later Alexander Galante Carlström scored his second goal of the night. However, Tatran Stresovice continued to play smart, disciplined and very focused. Any ball which made it through the defensive line from Tatran was stopped by outstanding goalkeeper Tomas Jurco. He also became player of the match for Tatran. Furthermore, it is the very first time ever that a Czech club team wins the Champions Cup.

Final Score:
IBF Falun 4-6 Tatran Stresovice

Santtu Strandberg – 14 saves, 70,00% save percentage
Tomas Jurco – 40 saves, 90.91% save percentage

Players of the match:
IBF Falun – Malte Lundmark (1+3)
Tatran Stresovice – Tomas Jurco (40 saves, 90.91% save percentage)


Match replay and highlights available on the IFF App

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