Northern Conference quarter-finals were completed earlier and now it is time for the Southern Conference quarter-finals. The Czech and Swiss club teams will battle it out for the four semi-final spots meaning two women’s and two men’s teams.

FbŠ Bohemians will make their first appearance in the Champions Cup when they host SV Wiler-Ersigen at UNYP Arena in Prague on Wednesday evening. The match starts at 19:00 local time. More games will follow on Saturday 16th September:

16:00 Floorball Köniz Bern vs Tatran Střešovice
17:00 Zug United vs 1. SC Tempish Vítkovice
18:30 FBC Ostrava vs Kloten-Dietlikon Jets
19:30 SV Wiler-Ersigen vs FbŠ Bohemians

Three more games will be played on Saturday 23rd September:

17:00 1. SC Tempish Vítkovice vs Zug United
18:00 Tatran Střešovice vs Floorball Köniz Bern
18:30 Kloten-Dietlikon Jets vs FBC Ostrava

We will then know all the Southern Division teams who will continue to the semi-finals.

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