Classic’s dream of winning the men’s Champions Cup on their home field did not come true, when the Swedish champion was stronger 2-1 in the final match played in Lempäälä Bläk Boks.

Even the support of over thousand-strong audience in the home hall today did not carry “Family” all the way to the equalizer. The only goal of the opening set was scored by Falun when it stole the ball at the end of Classic and Linus Holmgren passed to Viktor Wettergren who was free in front of the goal.

Soon at the beginning of the second period, Emil Ruud was able to drive from the right to the shooting position and scored a low shot into the back corner for 0-2. The home team’s good passing game freed Ville Lastika to open the scoring at the end of the set, but Classic did not manage to do anything else today, for which Falun can thank its goalkeeper Johan Rehn, who saved a big game.

The Champions Cup title was already Falun’s fifth.

Anssi Koskinen’s match photos.

Classic–IBF Falun 1-2 (0-1, 1-1, 0-0)
1st period: 15:30 Viktor Wettergren (Linus Holmgen) 0-1.
2nd period: 21.52 Emil Ruud (Simon Berg) 0-2, 38.32 Ville Lastikka (Konsta Tykkyläinen) 1-2.
3rd period: Goalless.

Lassi Toriseva Classic 4+6+8=18,
Johan Rehn IBF Falun 5+10+5=20.

Penalties: Classic 2 min, IBF Falun 2 min.

Referees: Glenn Boström and Håkan Söderman, Sweden.

Audience: 1 012.