Last season of the top Czech leagues had a clear winner. Both Superfinals were won by 1. SC TEMPISH Vítkovice, so both men and women will play in Ostrava. The women’s team of Vítkovice have great memories of the last year’s Champions Cup as they finished on the second place. Will they manage to improve this achievement on their home soil? Their first opponents will be from Täby.

Vítkovice have had a great season so far. After fifteen matches they have a total of 43 points, losing just two points in an overtime loss against Ostrava (3-4 OT). Their score might terrify their opponents as well. Vítkovice score 162 goals while conceding only 30.

Barbora Husková leads the team’s individual stats with 44 points (35+9), fifteen points ahead of the second Eliška Planková (10+19). The Slovak national team player Denisa Ferenčíková (18+8) sits on third.

The first and only loss in the season came in mid-November against Ostrava, but since then the Czech defending champions have been dominating again. The score from the last two matches against Bohemians speaks for itself – 26-1. Last five matches:

1. SC TEMPISH Vítkovice – FBS Olomouc 14:1
1. SC TEMPISH Vítkovice – FbŠ Bohemians 12:0
K1 Florbal Židenice – 1. SC TEMPISH Vítkovice 3:7
Bulldogs Brno – 1. SC TEMPISH Vítkovice 3:8
FBC ČPP OSTRAVA – 1. SC TEMPISH Vítkovice 4:3 ot.

In order to at least match the last year’s success, the Czech players have to beat Täby on Saturday. The game starts at 13:30.

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