Täby women’s team won their first ever Swedish championship gold and Storvreta won their sixth men’s championship title. Both teams also earned a ticket to the Floorball Champions Cup 2020 played in Ostrava, Czech Republic January 11th-12th.

Women’s final

Täby won the dramatic final against KAIS Mora 7-4 in front of 10 394 spectators in the Ericsson Globe. This is the first time ever that Täby FC IBK won the women’s gold in Sweden.

KAIS Mora was leading the match 1-0 after the first period, but Täby scored four goals within 11 minutes in the second period and led 4-2 in the start of the third period. KAIS Mora came as close as 4-5 in the third period, but Täby managed to keep their lead. Ranja Varli’s empty net goal in 59:53, when KAIS Mora pressured without goalie, settled the match.

Interesting facts:

– Moa Tschöp has now won the Swedish national championship gold with four different teams: Balrog, Djurgåden, KAIS Mora and Täby
– KAIS Mora now received one more silver medal and have now lost six finals
– Täby won their first ever final and two years ago they lost in the semi-finals against KAIS Mora

Photo: Per Wiklund


Game statistics: 
AIS Mora – Täby FC 4-7 (1-0, 1-4, 2-3)

1st period
16:22 1-0 Johanna Hultgren

2nd period
07:58 1-1 Julia Croneld (Matilda Sjödin)
10:07 1-2 Sara Attermo (Lisa Carlsson)
13:47 1-3 Jennifer Stålhult (Lisa Carlsson)
18:39 1-4 Linnea Wiregård

3rd period
18:49 2-4 Moa Gustafsson (Louise Wickström)
07:59 2-5 Ranja Varli (Anna Peterzén)
10:12 3-5 Moa Andersson (Anna Wijk)
13:30 4-5 Moa Gustafsson (Elin Reinestrand)
16:53 4-6 Anna Peterzén (Matilda Sjödin)
19:53 4-7 Ranja Varli

Men’s final

For the second year in a row and for the sixth time ever, Storvreta was crowned the Swedish champions after beating Falun in the final 5-3. This after a thriller in a sold-out Ericsson Globe.

Falun was leading 2-o after the first period and increased the lead to 3-0 by Omar Aldeeb in the second period. But then it was Storvreta’s turn to take control and with goals by Jesper Berggren, Alexander Rudd and then in the third period by Tobias Gustafsson the score was 3-3.

With six minutes left Jimmie Pettersson took Storvreta into the lead for the first time. The last 5-3 goal was scored by Niklas Winroth into the empty net with 25 seconds left.

Interesting facts:

– Storvreta IBK became the first men’s team to win six Swedish championship gold medals
– Strorvreta and Falun are the two teams who have won the gold during last 10 years
Glenn Boström is the second referee to have refereed 450 games in the highest league in Sweden (Johan Råsbrink has refereed 466 matches)
– Andreas Harnesk became the only head coach to have won the gold in both the women’s and men’s league

Game statistics:
Storvreta IBK-IBF Falun 5-3 (0-2, 2-1, 3-0)

1st period
05:34 0-1 Omar Aldeeb (Johannes Larsson)
13:09 0-2 Jonas Adriansson (Ciya Hajo)

2nd period
07:21 0-3 Omar Aldeeb (Johannes Larsson)
11:24 1-3 Jesper Berggren (Henrik Stenberg)
15:19 2-3 Alexander Rudd

3rd period
07:56 3-3 Tobias Gustafsson (Albin Sjögren)
14:17 4-3 Jimmie Pettersson (Henrik Stenberg)
19:35 5-3 Niklas Winroth

Source: innebandy.se

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