SB-Pro from Nurmijärvi is the women’s champion in Finland 2019. SB-Pro beat Porvoon Salibandyseuran (PSS) on overtime in the 5th final and won the best of seven finals 4-1. 687 spectators were watching the women’s final in Arkadia arena. SB-Pro also received a tickets to the Floorball Champions Cup 2019!

Jaana Lirkki scored the decisive 4-3 overtime goal. The championship gold is the third for SB-Pro, the previous golds are from 2014 and 2018.

SB-Pro was already leading the match 3-0 after goals scored by Karoliina KujalaEmmi Lindh and Laura Hietamäki. In the second period, PSS scored their opening goal by Sanni Koli and in the third period PSS forechecked more aggressively which paid off. With goals scored by Kristiina Järvinen and Fanny Holmberg the score was 3-3.

With six minutes played of the overtime Lirkki received a long high ball that she managed to direct into the net and PSS could start their celebrations.

Game statistics are found here.

Watch goal highlights (video by Ruutu):

Source: Finnish Floorball Federation

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