First matches in the Champions Cup 2024 are played on the 19th-20th of August 2023. This is when the quarter-finals start in the Northern Conference.

IBF Falun and TPS play the very first game of the Men’s CC 2024 while Pixbo IBK will take on TPS in the first match of the Women’s CC on August 19th. Northern Conference will finish their quarter-finals before the end of August while the Southern Conference teams wait until mid-September for their first games. FbS Bohemians and SV Wiler-Ersigen will meet in the first game at UNYP Arena in Prague on 13th September. Last matches are played on 23rd September.

The tournament consists of 8 men’s and 8 women’s teams playing in the quarter-finals. The participating teams are the national league champions plus the winner of the national cup event. If the same team has won both of these, then the national association decides whether the league or cup runner-up participates.

The teams are divided into a Northern (Finland and Sweden) and a Southern (Czech Republic and Switzerland) Conference. The first and second rounds (quarter-finals & semi-finals) will be played as home-and-away matches within set dates, which have been agreed upon by the CC nations. The teams may also agree on playing both matches in the quarter-final and semi-final stages in one place on consecutive days. The final matches for both men and women will be played on the same day in one venue. The host of this event will be decided on once the final teams are decided.

See the quarter-finals match schedule here

PDF version available here

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